students sitting on sofa
students sitting on sofa


The study of psychology helps you to understand human behaviour. Study topics ranging from how humans develop throughout their lifespans and how people influence each other to how brain functioning affects our behaviour and how our thinking can lead us to good (and bad) decisions. Explore how people with psychological disorders can be helped, and how modern psychology evolved. Develop skills, attitudes and insights that are relevant to today’s complex, rapidly changing and diverse world.

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Bachelor of Arts
Mount Royal’s four-year Bachelor of Arts gives you the freedom of countless career destinations. The program offers majors in Psychology, Anthropology, English, History, Policy Studies, Sociology and Spanish as well as minors in 17 subject areas. More...

Bachelor of Arts, Honours stream
Psychology Honours Handbook 2013-2014
Psychology Honours Handbook 2012-2013
Psychology Honours Handbook 2011-2012

If you are considering a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree, it is important to understand the purpose of the Honours stream, as well as the admission criteria and the application process, for both the Faculty of Arts, and  the Department of Psychology. More...

Bachelor of Arts Directed Readings courses
There are several ways for an undergraduate to gain research experience or work individually with a faculty member. One way is apply to the honours stream. Another is to volunteer to work in a research lab or to be involved in the research program of a faculty member. And a third is to enroll in a Directed Readings course.  More... 

Note: Because the Bachelor of Arts - Athabasca University at Mount Royal and the Bachelor of Arts - University Transfer programs have been phased out over the last several years, there has been no admission to either program since the Fall Semester 2008.