What is Environmental Sustainability?

At IES, we share a passion for environmental sustainability.  While definitions of sustainability vary, they are consistent in consideration of both present and future environmental, social and economic facets.  We consider environmental sustainability through interdisciplinary research, scholarship, student learning, and community engagement.  We believe in collaboration both within MRU and with external partners to address often complex sustainability issues.  All of us connected with the Institute are dedicated to understanding and, where possible, improving environmental sustainability.

Our Commitment

The IES acts as a facilitator and catalyst for interdisciplinary research on sustainability. The IES is committed to engaging with students and researchers across the full spectrum of academic disciplines at Mount Royal University. We also aim to strengthen and expand our partnerships with industry, government and non-government agencies and institutions in the region.


End of Life researchThe main goal of the Institute for Environmental Sustainability is to support multi and inter disciplinary research in environmental sustainability led by Mount Royal full time faculty. Faculty often include undergraduate Mount Royal student researchers on projects.These students benefit greatly from this experience with many continuing on to graduate school. Learn more here.Researcher Spotlight

After sixteen busy and exciting months as a full time Research Assistant with the Institute for Environmental Sustainability (IES), Lauren Cross is moving to Vancouver! In September, she will begin her Master’s degree in English Literature at the University of British Columbia, where she will focus on Indigenous studies, migration and ecocriticism. Lauren makes her departure from IES just as the professional development course project wraps up.  Read her story here.

Recent Publications

Haney, T., McDonald-Harker, C. (2016) "The River is Not the Same Anymore": Environmental Risk and Uncertainty in the Aftermath of the High River, Alberta, Flood. Social Currents.

McNicol, B. (2016) The Sustainability of Commercial Tour Operations in Protected Natural Areas: Defining Categories of Environmental Supply

Berry, M.N. (2015). “Sustainability as:” An analysis of the Alberta oil sands industry’s metaphorical discourse. Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development, 14(2), 46-70. Online version.

Learn about more publications here.