Raphael Slawinski
Associate Professor
Physics Coordinator

PhD (Geophysics) The University of Calgary, 1999
MS (Physics) The University of Chicago, 1994
B.Sc. (Physics) The University of Calgary, 1989

Office: B276F
Phone: 403.440.6604
E-mail: rslawinski@mtroyal.ca

Main areas of scholarly interest and/or expertise
Raphael Slawinski was drawn to Physics because of the insights it offered into the universe around us. Thus, while earning a major in Physics, he also completed a minor in Astrophysics. He went on to earn a Masters degree in Astrophysics, developing statistical methods to analyze x-ray telescope data, to try to understand the nature of gamma-ray bursts. He did his doctoral dissertation in Geophysics, constructing computer models of how seismic waves propagate through fractured rock. 

Current research interests / Current Work
One of the areas he is interested in these days is atmospheric physics. Some questions he asks himself are: Under what conditions could the Earth suffer a runaway greenhouse effect? What might be the effects of global warming on the seasonal cycle? 

Instructor Profile
He began teaching at Mount Royal in 2003. While he mainly teaches Physics courses, he has also taught Astronomy, Geophysics and General Education courses.