General Science Major
The Department of Chemistry and Physics contributes courses to both the chemistry and physical sciences streams of the General Science major. For advanced studies in chemistry and/or physics, take a look at a Physical Science specialization of General Science. This major allows you the flexibility to choose the science courses that meet your specific needs and interests. Contact the department to find an advisor who can help you pick the courses that are right for you. Specific Requirements for a General Science Major.
Chemistry Minor
A chemistry minor is a minimum of 8 courses in chemistry or biochemistry. At least two courses must be at the 3 or 4 thousand level. Students can focus their course selection on the application of chemistry to biology, the forms and use of energy, or the questions of “what and how much” in analytical chemistry.   Specific Requirements for a Chemistry Minor.
Physics Minor
A physics minor is a minimum of six physics courses. Five required courses, with the three required prerequisites provide a solid background in physics. One approved option allows students to explore an area of special interest. Specific Requirements for a Physics Minor.