HealthTech Challenge 
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Expand your Industry Expertise

Work with a Diverse Network

Receive Resume-Building Experience and Funding

Learn from experts about the health sciences, innovation, and technology

Learn from and work with students and mentors from cutting-edge disciplines and backgrounds to develop your innovation solution

Gain meaningful work experience and make money in the process



The first of its kind at Mount Royal, the HealthTech Challenge empowers you and a team of four to solve a problem in the health sciences. Learn from award-winning MRU research experts and community, and leverage the Maker Studio and other resources to develop a hardware innovation that helps impacted communities.

Experience HealthTech Challenge



Take part in the exciting experience of building a physical innovation designed to address a complex problem in the health tech space. Team-Mobility-Demo
2 Gain experience working with and learning from students outside of your program
3 Learn about your topic of focus from industry experts and student mentors on your team




Session Dates

The HealthTech Challenge Winter 2024 has not been approved yet. 

If it were to be approved, possible dates can be accessed here


Program Requirements

  • HealthTech Challenge participants can expect to spend 6 - 8 hours per week during the program. 
  • Participants must complete the 16-week program to receive the funding
  • Participants must attend all in-person and mentoring sessions to receive the funding. 


If the HealthTech Challenge returns for 2024 (decision pending), the application deadline will be: Thursday, November 30th at Midnight.
The HealthTech Challenge operates during the winter semester annually. 
Please note, there are 2 application forms below: one for BCIS students and one for non-BCIS students. Please make sure to select the correct application form when applying.



Students HealthTech Challenge Experience


Learn more about the 2023 Challenge here. 


 “My favourite moment was trying to reverse engineer a $40 speaker: slowly taking it apart and rewiring it made me feel like a sorcerer, and eventually I could write to it using Hertz. It was so cool. You had to be there! I broke it an hour later when trying to disassemble the other side to read from it. If it was my money, I would stress about that for weeks but because of the Challenge’s generous fund, I see it as one of the most valuable learning experiences I have ever had. I look back at that moment in the Maker’s Space with pride in my ability to quickly learn how to safely dismantle, accurately solder, and intuitively program an object I have seldom experimented with before. “

Jaunie Williams, Hardware Lead for Team Aging

 "COVID-19 ended my high school pre-engineering classes, crushing my Mark Rober-inspired DIY gadget creation dreams, or so I thought. Through the experiment-proof budget, community of mentors, and motivating stipend, this university program was transformative in providing the resources needed to direct my passion and skills toward tackling the larger issues society faces today. I’m excited to continue to build my innovation skills by spending part of my stipend on a 3D printer, something I wouldn’t have been able to afford before the challenge.”

Triumph Aramunde, Software Lead for Team Aging

How Do I Apply?


Apply to the LaunchPad Sprint program by clicking selecting the button on the program page above that matches your program. Please note that there are two different applications - one for BCIS/CS students and one for all other programs.

Complete the application form with the necessary details and confirm your availability for all mandatory sessions. Attendance in all sessions is required to receive the funding. If you have any questions about the application, reach out to Diana Grant-Richmond at

Program Manager


Diana is Associate Director of the Insitute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Programs. She is a graduate of Mount Royal's General Management program (2017), a former founder (Unravelled Yarns), LaunchPad alumna, and an experienced mentor. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, volunteering, social innovation, technology, and supporting female-identifying innovators and entrepreneurs, particularly in creative disciplines. Diana brings 12 years of experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and energy to her role and is always available for a conversation, whether it be about an emerging idea, innovation, a new venture, or finding your next steps. 

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