Grit. As we all start to pay tribute to the difficult, mostly up-hill battle that is starting a new business, this buzzword is taking the entrepreneurship narrative by storm. In this narrative we talk about failing fast and learning from failure, but what does grit really look like?
If you ask most of us what we were doing in our spare time as a junior high and high school student, the answer would likely sound like a whole lot of nothing. Ask Tarandeep Singh Kainth on the other hand, and you will hear the impassioned stories of a serial entrepreneur, complete with failure, life lessons, and unwavering dedication.
If you have ever taken an entrepreneurship course or sat across from a mentor to share a new idea, you are guaranteed to have heard the word validation dozens of times...
Babies learn more in their first three years than in any other period of life. This rapid learning happens because babies are master scientists . . .
$70,000 LauchPad Startup Announcement

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