The Innovation Sprint

What is an Innovation Sprint?

The Innovation Sprint was created to give you a meaningful work-integrated learning experience, and help your resume stand out from the crowd post-graduation. Working with a small group of driven students and an industry mentor, you’ll practice tackling complex problems and bring new ideas to life. The Innovation Sprint will give you the skills and tools to do this successfully. Open to students across campus, the Innovation Sprint blends learning about how businesses innovate with actually doing it.


Did we mention this is a paid opportunity? Each of the 20 participants who complete the sprint will be paid a $600 stipend.


The Details


Applications Open: Monday, September 13, 2021
Application Deadline: Sunday, October 3, 2021 @ Midnight


Apply Here


Dates: Monday, October 25th – Wednesday, November 25th (5 weeks)

  • Expect to do 6 - 8 hours of work per week outside of sprint meetings. This is a range, but some groups decide to put in more effort for a better end result.
  • Students must complete the Innovation Sprint and attend all events in order to receive the $600 payment (unless previously discussed or due to unforeseeable events).
  • To successfully complete the Innovation Sprint, students must be prepared to do the work, play outside of their comfort zone, and contribute fully to their team.


What You'll Do

1 Immerse yourself in a problem with an intense focus on collaboration to come up with an innovative solution in the form of a new product or service. Networking-Day--87.jpg
2 Practice creativity and curiosity through exposure to design thinking, design sprints, and other startup tools, technologies and methodologies.
3 Get an inside look at how businesses operate and succeed.




What You'll Achieve

Innovation-Sprint--Resume.png Innovation-Sprint--Team.png Innovation-Sprint--Knowledge.png Innovation-Sprint--Network.png Innovation-Sprint--Money.png
A unique extracurricular experience to add to your resume. Experience with working on a multidisciplinary team. Knowledge on how to effectively use tools, theories and techniques currently being used in real-life workplaces. A network of peers and business innovators that will support you throughout and beyond the program. A $600 scholarship payment upon successfully completing the Innovation Sprint.


Who Can Apply?


Students from any year are eligible, but preference is given to students in the later years of their degrees. Don’t let this discourage you though. Many students apply multiple times before being accepted. Tenacity and grit are some of the most important qualities we look for.

This program is open to any full-time student in any program, except for those in Open Studies or Continuing Education.


There are only 20 spots open each semester and acceptance is competitive. If you’re wondering how to improve your application or want it looked over before submission, email one of our Entrepreneur Development Officers for help:

Diana Grant-Richmond -
Sam Begelfor -


How big are the teams?
4-5 students.

Will the Innovation Sprint be delivered virtually or in-person?
Most sessions will be conducted virtually, with some content delivered in person.

Are we making a business plan?
No, you will complete an innovation canvas and deliver a team presentation.

Is this an internship?
No, this is considered a work-integrated learning opportunity. You will not be working directly for the companies, but will be working alongside them to tackle an industry problem.



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