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Expand your Industry Expertise

Add a Unique Experience To Your Resume 

Forge your Unique Path in Tech

Learn from Calgary CTOs and technical managers about building products for a tech company

Build new products and services to solve real problems

Surpass your peers by leveraging specialized opportunities and resources, empowering you to solve real-world challenges and carve a unique trajectory in the tech world.




Tech Liftoff offers an unparalleled opportunity for computing and business students to engage with top-tier CTOs and high-level tech managers in a series of informative talks on how they built their products. Learn about the tech industry’s inner workings, trends, and best practices, then work with expert product and computing mentors to build a product and bring it to market. Apply to Tech LiftOff to gain valuable insights, meet potential co-founders and mentors, foster innovation, and ideate tech solutions that can reshape industry.

Experience Tech LiftOff



Learn about emerging technology from senior-level technical managers and develop a game plan to launch your company.




Build the technology solution you've always wanted to build with a team of expert mentors and funding support. 

3 Uncover the secrets of working on a business and gain an exclusive inside perspective into the dynamic world of innovation.



Session Dates

Tech LiftOff winter 2024 applications are now closed and will reopen in September. 

Program Requirements

  • Tech LiftOff is open to Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and Bachelor of Data Science students. Only 18 participants will be admitted.
  • Participants must complete the 8-month program to receive the funding
  • Participants must attend all in-person and mentoring sessions to receive the funding. 
Tech LiftOff winter 2024 applications are now closed. Please complete the form below to express your interest in participating in the next cohort. 



How Do I Apply?


Complete the application form with the necessary details and confirm your availability for all mandatory sessions. Attendance in all sessions is required to receive the $1000 funding. If you have any questions about the application, reach out to Diana Grant-Richmond at


Program Manager

Diana-Circle.png Diana is a graduate of Mount Royal's General Management program (2017), a former founder (Unravelled Yarns), LaunchPad alumna, and an experienced mentor. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, volunteering, social innovation, technology, and supporting female-identifying innovators and entrepreneurs, particularly in creative disciplines. Diana brings 12 years of experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and energy to her role. She is always available for a conversation, whether about an emerging idea, innovation, a new venture, or finding your next steps. 
Want help applying to Tech Liftoff or have questions about the program?