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    Calgary Chinese Orchestra - Ages 7+

Founded in 1997 by the group of Chinese-Canadian music enthusiasts, the Calgary Chinese Orchestra has been an active force in Calgary for over 20 years.  Besides playing at its own annual concert, the group has performed at various community and cultural events around the city, as well as charities and other fundraising activities throughout the years. 

It is an ensemble comprised of many kinds of musical instruments, each with rich and ancient histories, and some unique only to China.  Its members are all dedicated to carrying on the abundant traditions of all the different styles of music found in the many regions of China, as well as embracing the influence of Western art music, utilizing the innovations of modern technology, and expanding upon the local arts scene through collaboration with other musical societies.

The Calgary Chinese Orchestra Association is a registered non-profit organization,  with the goal of promoting and creating awareness of Chinese music and musical instruments, in a fun and casual environment.  With the western world in mind, it welcomes musicians (amateur and professional) from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to lend and share their talents.

All rehearsals are taught in English.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us at:  CalgaryChineseOrchestra@gmail.com

Artistic Directors: Jiajia Li and Jeffrey Chao

CRN Day Date Time Room Fee


Sunday Sept. 8, 2019 - June 21, 2020 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. ED2001 $400



For new students, you will need to create a log in ID and PIN

For existing students, you can log in directly through the "Register Now" button. 


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We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds so if you are interested, feel free to contact us at calgarychineseorchestra@gmail.com.


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If you need a hand registering or have a question about our programs, we would love to help you!