Fee Payment Options

Frequently asked questions about fee payments at Mount Royal

FAQ - General fee payment

You can confirm the current balance on your account by logging into your student account via MyMRU.
Credit card payments via Plastiq (a third party service provider which facilitates the use of credit cards for payment of goods or services) currently has a platform fee of 2.5% on the total value of the transaction*. Consult your bank for specific bank charges when using online or in person debt card payments.
*Subject to change without notice.
If you have not paid your tuition fees in full by the first fee deadline, you will be de-registered from all courses. If residence fees are not received by Mount Royal by the deadline, your accommodation will no longer be available to you.
• If you re-register, you will be charged a re-registration fee. See the Fees and Deposits section in the Academic Calendar.
• Course availability is not guaranteed; courses may have filled in the meantime. Early registration and payment of fees is recommended.
• If you have not paid your fees in full by the second fee deadline, you will be de-registered. If you re-register, you will be charged a re-registration fee and reinstated into your courses upon full payment of all fees. Reinstatement can only be done in-person at the Office of the Registrar (Kerby Hall A101).
You can print a receipt through MyMRU:
• Log in to MyMRU
• Choose the Student Resources tab
My Account select Registration
• Select Student Schedule/Bill
• Select the term for which you want to print a receipt
• Print the Student Schedule/Bill page as your receipt
When making a payment through the Plastiq site, you are asked for an e-mail address and a confirmation of your payment will be sent to the e-mail provided. You can also print a copy of your receipt at the time of payment. Mount Royal will not be able to access or print this receipt for you.
Financial holds are put on an account for outstanding balances (i.e., unpaid tuition, library or residence fees)
• Some financial holds will restrict you from the following activities until payment is made in full:
    •  Registration
    •  Receipt of final grades
    •  Use of Mount Royal facilities
    •  Ordering and receiving transcripts, and
    •  Other services
• Outstanding balances can be paid, in person or over the phone at the Registrar’s Office (A101) during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30-4:30)
• Students who have a financial hold and pay all outstanding fees must send an email to fees@mtroyal.ca to request the hold be removed.
To get a refund, you can email studentfees@mtroyal.ca with your:
• Student ID number
• Full name
• E-mail address
• Invoice numbers (from the confirmation of payment receipt)

Credits due to tuition/fee adjustments are only issued to students who follow formal cancellation procedures before the deadlines shown in the Academic Schedule. No tuition/fee adjustment credits will be issued after the end of the Add/Drop period for each semester.

Fall Semester only- students who cancel their registration will forfeit a $125 cancellation fee (unless registration was canceled before the first fee payment deadline) which will be withheld from the refund of any fees that have been paid.

Credit balances on all student accounts will be transferred to the next active term. Refunds for fee overpayments are processed upon a student's request via e-mail at studentfees@mtroyal.ca. Refunds can take five to seven weeks to process. Mount Royal University will refund back to original payment method used when possible. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their address is current as refunds cannot be processed if your address on file is inactive.

Credit balances due to scholarships are automatically refunded in October. If the balance is due to government loans or grants, it will be automatically refunded and only carried over to the next active term at the student’s request.

View the Fees and Deposits section in the Academic Calendar.
View the Fees and Deposits section in the Academic Calendar.
• If you have comparable health and dental coverage, you may be able to waive your student benefits. All waiver forms must be filled out by the applicable deadline. Approval of your opt out will result in the plan free being credited.
• For questions or concerns regarding the student health and dental plan, call 403.440.6267 or visit the SAMRU Benefits Plan webpage.
Student lockers and parking passes may be purchased at the Parking Office during regular business hours.