Fee Payment Options

Paying tuition and fees - Undergraduate Credit Students

Payment Options

Internet or telephone banking
Online (credit card payments)
In person
By mail
Paying tuition and fees with awards, loans or other types of funding
Sponsored students

Paying for Residence

Residence Application Fee
Security Deposit and Residence Fees
Paying residence fees with awards, loans or other types of funding

Fee Deadlines

Tuition Fee Deadlines
Residence Fee Deadlines

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Internet or telephone banking

  • All major banks and credit unions offer Internet and telephone banking where you can pay your fees 24 hours a day
  • Register with your bank to make online bill payments
  • Once you have registered with your bank, your student ID number (201XXXXXX) is the account number required to make payment
  • Allow two business days for bank processing

Online (credit card payments)

  • Payable through Plastiq
  • Eligible payments include:
    • Residence Fees
    • Tuition and additional fees (once registered in courses)
  • Acceptable forms of payment include Visa or MasterCard.
  • Plastiq charges a plaform fee (currently 1.99%) to your credit card.
  • Plastiq is an independent third party service provider that you can use to pay your tuition. Ensure that you understand Plastiq’s Terms of Service before using their services.
  • Attention: Disputes regarding Plastiq’s services must be resolved between Plastiq and the student. Mount Royal does not guarantee Plastiq’s services. Using Plastiq may result in delays in Mount Royal receiving payment. Students remain responsible for any payments which Plastiq fails to make on their behalf.

Due to processing time, allow two to three business days for your payment to appear on your MyMRU account. As long as your payment is made by 8 p.m. (Calgary time) on the posted Fee Deadline your payment will be considered complete. Check your credit card and MyMRU account to ensure that your payment has been processed.
Please be advised that payment with certain types of credit cards processed through Plastiq may result in cash advance fees assessed by your bank.

This is anticipated to be a short-term issue. In the interim, MRU advises you review your credit card statement carefully for cash-advance related charges on any Plastiq transactions and contact your bank to reverse those charges if presented.

Questions or concerns with these charges should be directed to Plastiq.

In Person

  • Acceptable forms of payment include: cash, debit card, money order or international wire transfer
  • International money orders are not accepted
  • Personal cheques are no longer accepted

By Mail

  • Money orders are the only acceptable form of payment by mail
  • Personal cheques are no longer accepted
  • All payments (other than Residence Application Fees) should be mailed to:
 Registrar’s Office
Mount Royal University
4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
Calgary, Alberta, T3E 6K6
  • Postdated payments are not accepted
  • Do not send cash in the mail
  • International money orders are not accepted

Paying tuition and fees with awards, loans or other types of funding

Students receiving Scholarships, Bursaries, Government Student Loans or other types of funding are responsible for verifying that those amounts will cover the costs owing or pay the outstanding balance.

Sponsored students

If you are a sponsored student and you wish to have your tuition and mandatory fees billed to a third party (employer/sponsoring agency) you must ensure that all proper documentation is forwarded to Financial Services before each fee deadline.

Letters authorizing tuition invoicing may be faxed to 403.440.8927 or mailed directly to Financial Services.

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Paying for Residence

Your residence application fee is payable:

Your security deposit is payable:

Your residence fees are payable:

Paying residence fees with awards, loans or other types of funding

Residence Services will defer payment of residence fees until the second fee deadline up to the value of the student loans for the term after tuition has been subtracted. Any shortfall must be paid by the first fee deadline. Student Awards and Financial Aid at MRU must be aware of the loans and have entered the approved amount onto the students account.

Visit residence for more information on the costs of living in residence and payment options.

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Fee Deadlines

Fees are due on the dates listed in the Academic Calendar. Students are responsible for verifying and paying any outstanding balances by the fee deadline date.

Tuition fee deadlines

Fall 2014  
Full fees for Fall Semester 2014 due (registered students only)Aug. 13  2014
Last day to pay fees for Fall Semester 2014Sept. 12, 2014
Last day to be re-instated for Fall Semester 2014Sept. 30, 2014
Winter 2015  
Full fees for Winter Semester 2015 due (registered students only)Dec. 1, 2014
Last day to pay fees for Winter Semester 2015Jan. 16, 2015
Last day to be re-instated for Winter Semester 2015Jan. 30, 2015

Residence fee deadlines

Note: Any changes to program or registration status may affect your account balance. It is your responsibility to manage your account balance and payments. Processing times vary by method of payment. Please take into account the time it takes to process payments when choosing your fee payment arrangement.

For further questions about fees at MRU, please read our frequently asked questions.

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