Student Learning Services


Student Learning Services

Creating integral learning experiences to develop self-directed learners.



  • Connect with experienced professionals in your field


  • Contribute to the growth and development of MRU students



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Peer Tutoring

Jump into your course work with MRU’s Peer Tutor program.

  • Come to Peer-Assisted Study Session (PASS)
  • Get a Peer Tutor
  • Be a Peer Tutor or PASS Leader

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Writing & Learning Services

We can help you improve your studying, reading, writing, and referencing.

  • FREE workshops
  • One-on-one appointments 
    (1 appointment/day, up to 2/week)
  • Drop-in at the Library 
    Monday - Friday 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.

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Study Hacks

Helping you make the most of your study time

Having trouble concentrating in class or during study sessions?

It’s important to set yourself up for success through positive health habits (think: getting enough sleep!) and smart study habits like scheduling breaks every 30-50 minutes while studying. If unwanted thoughts intrude while you’re trying to concentrate, experiment with a “distraction pad” – a place to jot those unwanted thoughts down so that you can deal with them later and focus on the task at hand. Read more tips like these

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Upcoming Events


2Noon workshops begin (and last until Feb. 25)
12Last day to request a tutor

Reading week - no PASS,  workshops or library drop-in,
but individual appointments are available all week

22First day to apply to be a tutor for Fall 2016



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