Get Involved

Whether you are a student, faculty member, professional in the field, parent, or community member, there are many ways to get involved in the work being done at CCWB.



Students participation and involvement is crucial to the success of a research centre, and the CCWB is no different. The CCWB is a dynamic place where students can grow and develop their skills by observing, practicing applied skills, and reflecting. Students also play a vital role working as Research Assistants, where they advance and contribute to relevant projects happening at the CCWB. If you're a student interested in getting involved, you can:
  • Work as a Research Assistant on one of our projects. (Please contact our Research Coordinator for any potential opportunities.)
  • Take the BCST degree
  • Book the Child Development Lab
  • Participate in a practicum
  • Attend an upcoming event

Faculty Members

Faculty Members, either from MRU or other universities, can get involved in the Centre’s work in a variety of ways. The Centre’s mandate is to highlight relevant research undertaken by faculty members, and the CCWB strives be a hub that connects collaborators involved in research, policy, and practice. If you're a faculty member who's interested, we encourage you to:
  • Become a faculty affiliate
  • Attend one of our events 

Community Members

The CCWB wouldn't exist without the engagement and interest of the external community, funders, students, parents, and other interested individuals. Even though you aren't a student or faculty member, there are ways for the broader community to get involved:
  • Attend an upcoming event
  • Support us financially
  • Contact us to learn more about what we do
  • Book the Child Development Lab
  • Integrate knowledge generated by the CCWB into practice
  • Use our Resource Hub