MRU Resources & Links

MRU Resources & Links

Information and Resources available at Mount Royal University

Academic Calendar

The Mount Royal University calendar provides important information about application to the University, student requirements, programs and courses available and much more.

The bookstore has for purchase the required course textbooks, course materials, apparel and more.

Start Office - Student Technicians and Resource Tutors

At the START office students provide technology support for fellow students. Students work with fellow students to solve technical computer problems.

Student Counselling 

Mount Royal University seeks to provide students with a healthy and supportive studying environment. Student counselors are available to work with students, providing counselling and assisting with resources for a wide variety of challenges that are encountered by students.
Wellness Services

A range of services are available at Mount Royal University that facilitate wellness of body, mind and spirit. Students at Mount Royal University may access a variety of professional health care providers.
Residence Services

If you need a place to stay when studying at Mount Royal University in Calgary, check out the residence on the campus.

Crisis Intervention

For students at Mount Royal University that find themselves in an extremely stressful situation, where coping becomes a significant challenge, there are professional couselling professionals available to help.

 Information and Resources external to Mount Royal University

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services is one of the main employers of nurses in Alberta.
College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)

CARNA is a professional organization and regulatory body for registered nurses in Alberta. On this site you can find information about becoming licensed to work as a registered nurse in Alberta and much more
Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)

The CNA is the national voice for Canadian registered nurses. They represent 11 provinces and territories. On this site you can find information of becoming an RN in Canada also information about the Canadian licensing exam and much more
Citizen and Immigration Canada

This site provides information about study and work visas, immigration to Canada, becoming a Canadian citizen, living in Canada; and much more.
Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry

This site provides links to a variety of human services aiming to create conditions that are safe and supportive for individuals and communities in Alberta.
Calgary Centre for Newcomers

The Mennonite Centre for Newcomers work with immigrants and refugees, helping with the transition of living within the Calgary community. On this site you can find information about community resources, English language classes, immigration and more.
Distress Centre

This is a non-profit social agency that delivers 24-hour support, counselling and resource referral services to Calgary and the surrounding area.