Science & Technology

  • gamification

    Quest for Knowledge: Gamification evens the playing field in classrooms
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  • greenhouse

    The Grass is Greener: MRU hires greenhouse technician to share his love for plants
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  • futureproofing

    Future-Proofing the Next Generation
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  • ai

    Artificial Intelligence: It's here. Now what?
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  • mikeclark

    Organized Chaos: A glimpse into the minds at MRU featuring Mike Clark
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Faculty of Science and Technology

Discovering the answer is just the beginning of the fun for a scientist. After exploring every angle of the answer, new questions usually surface and the exploration begins all over again. Mount Royal’s Faculty of Science and Technology allows you to prepare for a variety of exciting careers in science and technology by not only teaching you the basics of science, but also how to be a flexible and innovative problem-solver. 

If you want to enter the stimulating world of science and technology you can apply online.

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