Earth & Environmental Sciences

three students walking on campus
three students walking on campus

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Environmental program has been offered at Mount Royal for 40 years.

Earth and Environmental Sciences is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the application of science to the study of the environment and the earth, and provides solutions to environmental problems. Studies embrace the geological and geographical disciplines that investigate the structure, history and resources of the earth, and the physical and human-related processes that alter its landscapes. As the new third wave of environmental concern spurs global environmental awareness and green job growth, Mount Royal University continues to offer programs to keep pace with these changes.

For over thirty-five years Mount Royal has attempted to meet the environmental education demands of students and employers in industry, government and environmental non-governmental organizations. Now is the time to get on the sustainability pathway and make a difference in the world.

In demand

Earth and environmental professions are Canada's fastest growing and most diverse field of employment (source: ECO Canada). There are current opportunities to fill, expand and create jobs in the sector. Our students have the skill-sets that are increasingly in demand by employers with growing environmental issues and the need for earth and environmental expertise. Mount Royal has an excellent record of placing graduates in the workforce and has the respect of employers. The environment is now being seen as an economic opportunity and economic driver throughout the world and the future for new environmental initiatives looks very encouraging.

Well prepared

Mount Royal’s small class sizes and hands-on applied, personal teaching will provide the tools you’ll need to be a successful environmental scientist. The courses in this department will also prepare you to pursue a career in the earth and environmental sector.

Research opportunities

The hands-on teaching doesn’t stop with your program. You may also get the opportunity to do research with one of the faculty members!

Knowledge sharing

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers a variety of courses within the following programs:

This department also shares its passion for ecology and environmental science with students in other faculties, offering courses to students enrolled in Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership. Courses are also offered as part of the General Education requirement in Mount Royal bachelor's degrees.

Make a world of difference

A recent United Nations report proclaimed that "Earth scientists are today's key players in building a sustainable world." Prepare yourself for a career where you can make a world of difference.


This department offers a variety of courses in Geography, Geology, Earth Science and Environmental Science within the following programs:

  • B.Sc. Geology major
  • B.Sc. General Science major
  • Geography minor

Bachelor of Science
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