Earth & Environmental Sciences

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth and Environmental Sciences are interdisciplinary fields that focus the planet's lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere and their interactions.  Studies embrace the geological, geographical and environmental disciplines that investigate the structure, history and resources of the earth, and the physical and human-related impacts that alter its processes and landscapes.

The Department comprises of three disciplines:

  • Environmental Science
  • Geography
  • Geology



North to SouthNorth to South: Exploring the Arctic through Inuit Art
Broaden your perspective of landscapes and indigenous culture from across the Arctic. Explore a hands-on multimedia exhibit of Inuit Art with an Inuk carver or enjoy presentations on northern environments and national parks. This exhibit is free for everyone.

MARCH 6-8 2018

Learn more about the exhibit at

Spotlight: Why Earth and Environmental Science?

Spotlight features our exciting professors in action demonstrating the importance of environmental science.


Tim Taylor, an environmental scientist, has an extensive background in oil spill response. You can find out more of what he does and why he chose a career in environmental science Read more

Earth and Environmental Science in the Community

ENVS_Spotlight_GC28 May 2017: Dr. Gwen O’Sullivan has been invited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry to present a guest lecture at the 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference in Toronto, Canada (
Dr. O'Sullivan's talk will be on Environmental Forensics: Advances in Analytical Chemistry.

ENVS_News_RSFJune 2017: Dr. Roger Saint-Fort will be traveling to Haiti to install a much needed water treatment facility. He will be working with several Haitian villages and orphanages.