General Science

General Science

A Bachelor of Science in General Science will provide you with a solid foundation in science, computing, and mathematics.  In addition, you will obtain specialized knowledge and skills in two disciplines of your choice, which will be listed as concentrations on your transcript at graduation.  Your choice of concentrations is from the following six disciplines:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics


Experiential Learning
Laboratory and field work will provide you with experience doing hands-on scientific work.  Community service work is included within certain courses to provide you with experience working with a team on a real-world problem.

Highly skilled
In addition to scientific technical knowledge and skills in your areas of interest, the B.Sc. in General Science will provide you with general skills that employers value, including:

  • verbal and written communication
  • analysis and problem solving
  • teamwork and project management
  • public presentation

Research Opportunities
Students may apply to participate in an Independent Studies elective in order to carry out a research project under the supervision of a faculty member.  There are also limited opportunities for paid student research assistant positions during the summer or during regular school terms. 

Career choices
With a Bachelor of Science in General Science, your scope of career possibilities will depend on your choice of concentrations and courses, and whether or not you pursue further studies.  Some of the job opportunities for a general science graduate include:

  • laboratory technician in an academic, government or industrial research laboratory
  • quality assurance technologist or regulatory assistant for a food pharmaceutical company
  • GIS specialist for a real estate, forestry, or environmental consulting company
  • sales representative or technical writer within the pharmaceutical sector

With further education at the graduate or professional school level, just a few of the opportunities include:

  • physician
  • high school teacher
  • research scientist
  • professor