Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science

Mount Royal’s four-year Bachelor of Science degree will launch your career in high-demand areas within the scientific, business, legal and professional communities.

With majors in Cellular and Molecular Biology, General Science, Geology, Health Science and Environmental Science you will be ready to contribute to scientific endeavours in fields such as energy, biotechnology, and health and wellness. 

student and instructor looking at test tube

Scientists in demand

Currently, Canada is not producing enough scientists to be globally competitive, but federal and provincial governments are taking steps to alleviate this problem.  Mount Royal’s B.Sc. is designed to help meet the high demand for scientists locally and nationally.

Major choices

Choose from the following majors:

Common first year

All the majors take a common first year of study. This allows you to enter the program and discover firsthand where your scientific passions lie. Courses will provide experiential learning in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Why Mount Royal?

Focus on instruction ― Mount Royal faculty members are dedicated to teaching above all. Interact in small classes and labs with instructors who are leaders in their fields.

Well-rounded education ― The General Education (Gen Ed) requirement is built into Mount Royal bachelor's degrees. It ensures you graduate with valuable insight into a wide range of ideas and academic disciplines extending beyond your area of study.

Hands-on experience ― Lab work encourages hands-on learning and practical applications of theoretical concepts by using guided inquiry teaching methods.

Applied research opportunities ― With close ties to the Institute for Applied Scientific Research, faculty members are engaged in innovative research projects and may involve students.