Cherie Woolmer, PhD

Cherie Woolmer

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Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair (SoTL)



Postdoctoral Research Fellow, McMaster University, Canada
PhD (Education), University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
MBA (Public Services), University of Brighton, United Kingdom
B.A. (Hons) (Linguistics), University of Essex, United Kingdom

Dr. Cherie Woolmer is Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning), based in the Mokakiiks Centre for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Her research program focuses on student-faculty partnerships in higher education, which is informed by critical pedagogy, socio-cultural approaches to change, and the impact of pedagogical partnerships on institutional culture. Her recent publications focus on approaches to co-creating curriculum with students and issues of equity and risk in partnerships.

She co-facilitates Mount Royal’s SoTL Development Program, runs workshops and book studies on issues relating to pedagogical partnerships and SoTL, and offers consultations with faculty and students engaged in SoTL.


Professional and scholarly interests

  • Students as Partners in SoTL
  • Co-creating curriculum and assessment with student partners
  • Learner Voice progression from K-12 to post-secondary
  • Institutional cultures of student-faculty partnership in postsecondary education
  • Equity and inclusion in student-faculty partnerships
  • Educational leadership and capacity building in SoTL
  • Knowledge mobilization of SoTL


Selected publications and presentations

Maurer, T W., Woolmer, C., Powell, N., Sisson, C., Snelling, C., *Stalheim, O., & Turner, I. (2021). Sharing SoTL findings with students: An intentional knowledge mobilization strategy, Teaching and Learning Inquiry, 9(1).

Woolmer, C., & *Suh, J. (2020) Understanding educational leadership through Network Analysis: A critical reflection on using social network analysis in a mixed methods study. In N. Fenton & W. Ross (Eds.) Critical reflections on methods for researching teaching and learning (pp. 1-20) Netherlands: Brill.

Bovill, C., & Woolmer C. (2020) Evaluating student engagement and student engagement in evaluation: expanding perspectives and ownership. In T. Lowe & Y. El Hakim (Eds.) A Handbook for Student Engagement in Higher Education: Theory into Practice (pp. 83-96). London:Routledge.

Marquis, E., Healey, M., *Guitman, R., *Black, C., & Woolmer, C. (2020). Navigating from the ‘Micro’ to the ‘Mega’: Toward a Multi-Level Approach to Supporting Student-Staff Partnership. In T. Lowe & Y. El Hakim (Eds.) A Handbook for Student Engagement in Higher Education: Theory into Practice (pp. 110-124). London:Routledge.

Marquis, E. *Guitman, R., *Nguyen, E. & Woolmer, C. (2020). ‘It’s a little complicated for me’: faculty social location and experiences of pedagogical partnership, Higher Education Research & Development,