Quinn Wilton - The Well Brewery

Quinn Wilton is a fourth year Bachelor of Arts student currently on the path to launching his first venture, a brewing company. While in an entrepreneurship class, Wilton was asked to come up with thirty ideas and research the top two. After realizing the potential of one of his ideas, Wilton quickly started talking to his potential target market to begin the validation process. By the end of the semester he knew he was onto something. Wilton got to work and applied to participate in Mount Royal's $70,000 LaunchPad Pitch Competition. This landed Wilton $5,000 of marketing services from Design4Change.

Wilton envisions The Brewing Company as Alberta's first community-driven craft brewery, well positioned to take advantage of the booming craft beer industry. Their community receives exclusive access to member only beer, tasting events, and democratic voting on names and the types of beer being produced. A community-driven brewery!

In August 2015, The Well Brewery was accepted to the ATB Booster crowdfunding program. Through this program Wilton raised awareness, gained supporters, and secured $8,305 funding.

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After breaking crowdfunding records on the ATB Boostr platform, Wilton received the unpleasant news that he would have to return the $8,305 he worked so hard to raise for his venture, due to legal issue regarding liquor sales. For most, this news would slow or even halt progress, but Wilton never looked back. Since the minor setback, he has continued to validate his business model, secured a local brewmaster as a partner, learned the ropes as an employee at one the top craft brewers in Calgary, leveraged the connections he made through the 31 ATB BoostR backers, and brewed his first batch of craft beer.

Wilton says he is excited for the opportunity to start a business while he's still student. "Seeing something start from the ground up is extremely rewarding - the opportunity to shape and transform something of your own."

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