• A detailed view of a jet engine, showcasing its intricate components and powerful design.
    MRU Aviation Day May 4
    Explore the diverse career paths within the aviation industry


  • Map the System Canadian final May 27
    Cheer on MRU students and learn about a systems approach to social change


  • A man lying on a hospital bed looking at a computer monitor.
    From astronauts to pillownauts
    MRU biologist studying sensory adaptations that occur during space flight

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Sootsiman project shares knowledge and culture

Indigenous-inspired, hands-on experience in Maker and Media Commons space

Research improving bone and joint health for all

Dr. Breda Eubank, PhD, expert in musculoskeletal conditions


Support the Taylor Family Foundation giving legacy

Learn how to help students at MRU have access to a world-class education


Be your true self

Sofia Eaglehead Baptiste uses dance to connect, learn and heal.


Innovation is born from a spark

At Mount Royal, innovation is about being bold, curious and creative. Here, we nurture future-focused mindsets, celebrate creative change and transform "what ifs" into impactful realities. The next great idea could be yours.