IIE_IMG_ONBOARD2020Join us in celebrating the projects and creations of Mount Royal University's Science and Technology students!

ONBOARD is a demo day designed to celebrate the ideas, creations, and experimentations of Mount Royal University's Science + Technical students. These students are Calgary's emerging talent; our economy's future makers, creators, and innovators.

ONBOARD, previously known as the Showcase Showdown, has proudly expanded to include students from Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Earth and Environment, along with Math and Computing. This year, the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be awarding $4,500 in prizes to MRU's science and technology makers, builders and experimenters! Students will have 5 minutes to share their project, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from a panel of Calgarians working in science and technology industries.

You can join the celebration on Thursday, February 27 from 5:30 - 8:00 at Mount Royal University. RSVP here: onboard2020.eventbrite.ca

Announcing the 2020 ONBOARD Finalists

Peter Morrison is tackling inefficiencies in managing and scheduling tradespeople. As a Computer Information Systems student, Peter is leveraging the systems he's used in IT ticketing to support home builders, trade workers, and their customers.

Ben Egan is an Artificial Intelligence Artist. Ben's code is used all over the world to create beautiful and unique pieces of art. Powered by neural style transfer, Ben's programs can transform any image into the artistic style of artists like Vincent van Gogh.

Merry Ghebretatios and Hannah Krivic are fourth-year Cellular and Molecular Biology students who used MRU's Makers Studio to enhance their in-class lab experience. Merry and Hannah have designed an etched petri-dish that is an affordable and accessible solution to accurately grow and study muscle cells.

Ryan Doel is taking robotics into new environments. Ryan is a Computer Information Systems student, who after experiencing the toxic environment auto-body painters work in, set out to create an affordable robotic solution for the automotive industry.

Brett Miller is tackling toxic player behaviour in the gaming world. Brett's project, Dodge Queue, brings equity and inclusion to games like League of Legends where toxic behaviour can cost players the game.

Giving CPR is a stressful and high-pressure task for someone, even with adequate training. Tristan Mazurek, Steven Trout, Ostap Shemelda, and Karl Semila are leveraging technology to ease that stress and ensure that giving CPR is straightforward and effective.

Omar Mapara is a proud fish parent. That is why Omar is designing a smart aquarium system that can give fish parents like him back their freedom when away from home without compromising their fish's comfort and safety.

ONBOARD is hosted by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Institute's mission is to support the development of the high-impact talent that is essential to the continued economic prosperity of Alberta. This is accomplished by delivering transformative community-engaged learning experiences.

Tickets are going fast, make sure to save your seat to the event: onboard2020.eventbrite.ca