2023 JMH LaunchPad Pitch Competition Winner Announcement




Another JMH LaunchPad Pitch Competition for the books! Thank you to everyone for attending and supporting our candidates as they pitched their ideas to our panel of judges. This was no easy task, and we are so proud of these students for getting up on stage and presenting to a crowd of over 300 attendees.


A special thank you to JMH & Co.Grant DesignconnectFirst Credit Unionthe RBC Foundation, and Cathy and Bruce Williams for your support of the Mount Royal University Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship community!



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Judges Jenna Galloway, Marc Nzojibwami, Jenn MacDonald, and Aislinn Grant had the difficult task of awarding prizes to the winners below:


Carman Lim & Rowan Dymond of LookMa! - $10,000 JMH & Co. award, $5,000 LaunchPad Alumni Award

LookMa! Is a platform that connects smaller businesses seeking high-quality user-generated content with the micro-influencers eager to create content. The result is a win for both brands and content creators.




Kassidy Gerhardi of Cobra - $10,000 JMH & Co. award

Cobra is reimagining the traditional bra with an interchangeable system. By dividing the bra into separate components, women can achieve the desired fit, feel, and appearance of their bra without compromising comfort or functionality.




Aliya Abdallah of Clean Energy Nutrition - $10,000 JMH & Co. award

Clean energy without the jitters! We create all-natural energy products made with sustainably sourced ingredients for the health-conscious gym-goer!



Karina Chow of Link and Learn Academy - $10,000 connectFirst Credit Union

Link and Learn Academy maximizes the academic potential of all students through customized curriculums delivered in a private 1-on-1 setting. We cater our teaching to students with special needs and those seeking accelerated learning. 



Bianca Veltri of The Hive - $10,000 JMH & Co. award, $15,000 Grant award for in-kind design services

The Hive is all the Buzz among your friend group! Our platform creates community, giving you the tools to plan events and activities with your friends all while offering discounts along the way. We give you the Hive, you bring the Bees!


As part of their winnings, students will receive ongoing coaching and support to continue to grow their businesses. 



We would also like to highlight the other amazing students who pitched tonight.


Nate McLennan of M1nimal

Taking the stress and planning out of charging your laptop! Our innovative F1NAL charging sleeve ensures your laptop is always fully charged and ready to go so you can maximize your work time.



Talis Aurini of MOVEmeant 

Giving those with physical disabilities the opportunity to once-again enjoy being active. MOVEmeant is an app that caters to the unique needs of those with physical disabilities through motivational on-demand activities that support their functional movement. 

We’re looking forward to watching these students grow their ideas and themselves to the next level!

Want to catch up on what you missed? View the 2023 JMH LaunchPad Pitch Competition on YouTube here.