A Message From Our Dean

The Mount Royal University Student Investment Fund is an exciting new chapter in the history of the Bissett School of Business. Selected students can enhance the value of their Finance Major with intense training and practice in equity analysis, trade execution, and portfolio analysis and management. The “SIF” provides a professional milieu for the development of vital career skills as Calgary, and Alberta, transition into new economic spaces. Finance and Financial Services, a major employer of the graduates of the Bissett School of Business, offers important and exciting global career prospects. Students participating in the SIF will be more prepared for complex decision-making. They will apply rigorous analysis, and will critique and give feedback in an environment that allows then to grow and develop.


Ethics is central to the value system that infuses the SIF experience. Serving a genuine client, the Board of Governors of Mount Royal University, the student participants in the SIF are steeped in, and committed to, the highest standards of ethical practice, and have adopted the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct as their guiding text in this regard.


The SIF rests on a scaffolding of generous community support in the form of guest speakers, mentors, job placements and, of course donors. Even so, the SIF is still a relatively new endeavour for us, and we continue to rely on the generosity of Calgary and the wider community. 


The governance structure of the SIF places the Dean of the Bissett School of Business at the top of a dynamic and prudent system of checks and controls. Still, the SIF is an academic program at its very heart. We have strong faculty committed to making our student SIF experience truly transformative. I couldn’t be more pleased to participate in this endeavour, and I offer my support and encouragement to all the future classes of students who will pass through the SIF.


Brian Traynor
Acting Dean, 
Chair of the Board of Advisors of the Student Investment Fund
Bissett School of Business