• What We Believe
    Teamwork. Ethics. Rigour. Diversity.

What We Believe

The four foundational pillars of the Student Investment Fund are:



In everything we do, we move and act as a team. Teamwork is in our DNA: we share, learn and struggle together. We understand that the best investment results emerge from team settings.



Ethics informs how we invest and what we believe. We see ourselves as an important part of global capital markets. We hold ourselves to high standards, particularly as it relates to our duty of prudence to our client, Mount Royal University.



We conduct our investment activities in a spirit of academic and professional rigour. We aim to achieve global best-practices in our investment analysis and investment management strategies. We constantly strive to improve how we do our work.


We believe the best teams, and the teams that are the most fun to be part of, are culturally and intellectually diverse. We seek people from different communities to join us, teach us, and learn with us.