Recruitment Guide


Now Recruiting!
The Mount Royal University Student Investment Fund is now recruiting for the 2021-2022 academic year! Read the details below for more information.


Students interested in participating in the SIF should contact the Faculty Advisor early in their second year at MRU, to indicate their interest.  Entry to the SIF is highly competitive. Many aspiring applicants are disappointed. The best way to increase your chances of acceptance is to achieve a high level of academic performance in your coursework, especially accounting and finance classes. A grade of B+ or higher in FNCE 3228 and ACCT 2121 is required to apply for the SIF. It is highly recommended that SIF aspirants take FNCE 2132 “Intro to the Stock Market” early in their program at MRU. It is recommended that students take FNCE 3228 in the first semester of their second year at MRU. Students may participate in the MRU Co-op program, but it is recommended that you arrange for your placements to be in the summer months. 


The SIF program consists of four half-courses taken in succession. The courses count as electives. You must have a two-year runway ahead of you in order to be considered for the SIF. Applicants will be interviewed, and will be required to submit a detailed application, including a well-structured investment recommendation.


Aspiring applicants are encouraged to read A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel, Fully Invested: A Life in the Markets by David Bissett, and Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd.


The SIF meets twice a week: Wednesday late-afternoons and Friday early-mornings. All participants must attend all meetings. Participation in the SIF amounts to taking an additional course each semester. Successful applicants will work in a team setting and will be responsible for analyzing an industrial sector and recommending investments from that sector to the group. Investment decisions (buy/add and sell/trim) are based on group consensus. Second-year SIF students act as Portfolio Managers and perform other senior roles, such as Strategist and Economist. All SIF students must pitch stock recommendations each semester. Students are involved in all aspects of managing the SIF experience. The investment style of the SIF is conservative and long term.


The SIF is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We encourage applications from students in populations traditionally underrepresented in the banking and finance industries: women, Indigenous and Métis students, LGBTQ* students, mature students, students with learning or physical challenges, students of colour, students with children, and New Canadians.


The application can be found here. 


For questions, contact the current SIF Faculty Advisor, Dr. Allan Dwyer: