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Carly Martin

Portfolio Manager, Banks

Major: Finance & General Managment

Carly first gained an interest in finance during her first year at MRU while taking Introduction to Finance, sparking an interest in investing and how finance is integrated into every aspect of the world around her. Wanting to expand her knowledge of the world of capital markets as well as improve her financial modelling and literacy skills, she joined the SIF. Carly was the sole Alberta student selected for the National Bank Young Women Mentorship Program in 2022-2023; throughout her year in the program, she developed a passion to encourage other young women to enter the field of finance. Carly is the current President of the MRU Finance Students Organization and has the professional goals of obtaining both the CFA and CBV designation. Carly has an active interest in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and corporate valuations. Outside of the SIF, she enjoys golfing, skiing, working sout and reading.