Zach Eliason

Investment Analyst, Banks

Major: Finance, Financial Analysis 

Minor: Accounting

Zach is a dedicated and ambitious third-year bachelor of business administration student. His academic journey reflects a profound interest in understanding the intricate dynamics of financial systems and market structures. Currently, Zach is gearing up for the CFA Level 1 exam scheduled in August 2024. Zach's career aspirations are aligned with his academic pursuits and interests where he envisions a path leading to investment banking, corporate banking, and asset management. Driven by a desire to delve deeper into financial intricacies, contribute to strategic decision-making, and optimize investment opportunities.

Zach is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, a multiple scholarship recipient, and a leader of the Financial Student Organization (FSO) here at Mount Royal University with the aim to help further develop the footprint of the FSO and to help educate his fellow finance students in their studies.

Beyond his academic and career pursuits, Zach is an avid reader, loves to cherish the moments spent socializing with friends and is an outdoor enthusiast.