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Melina Illodo

Investment Analyst, Energy

Major: Finance (Financial Analysis) & Human Resources

Melina, currently a 4th-year BBA student, is pursuing a dual major in Finance and Human Resources. Melina is also a CFA Level 1 candidate, scheduled to take the exam in August 2024, showcasing her commitment to advancing her financial knowledge with the goal of specializing in private equity research.

Melina's journey into finance began during high school when she enrolled in a captivating class on investment principles. Discovering the intricacies of financial markets and the stories of successful investors sparked a profound passion within her. This early exposure laid the foundation for her professional aspirations.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Melina has showcased strong leadership and organizational skills. In the role of program coordinator, Melina successfully managed and led a gymnastics program over several years, further underlining her dedication and managerial capabilities.