A little something about Summit

Summit is published in the fall and spring each year. It's stories will introduce you to the exceptional students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters of Mount Royal University who are, together, helping to change the face of education in Canada.

Distributed through various internal and external channels, Summit tells Mount Royal's ongoing story to its various audiences. Summit's content will showcase the aspirations, achievements and contributions of Mount Royal students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters and, in so doing, clarify Mount Royal's profile as a Canadian leader in undergraduate education.

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Meet the team (Winter 2023/2024 issue)


Dave McLean, Director, Marketing

Gloria Visser-Niven, Director, Communications

Eleanor Finger, Director, Alumni Relations


Michelle Bodnar
BCMM (Applied) '05

Production management

Deb Abramson
Journalism Diploma '77

Marketing and editorial co-ordination

Bailey Turnbull

Copy editor

Matthew Fox

Art Director

Michal Waissmann
BCMM (Applied) '07


Astri Do Rego

Iva Kezic

Mike Poon

Michal Waissmann

Chao Zhang

Web design

Leslie Blondahl
BCMM '14


Maximillian Krewiak

Cary Schatz
Law Enforcement Diploma '89

Chao Zhang


Astri Do Rego

Mike Poon


Michelle Bodnar

Brad Clark

Matthew Fox

Peter Glenn

Erin Guiltenane

Haley Jarmain

Dave McLean

Nadia Moharib

Ado Nkemka
BA '21

Katherine Sharples
BCMM '21

Social networking

Haley Jarmain

Katherine Sharples

Rachel von Hahn