General Faculties Council

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General Faculties Council

The General Faculties Council (GFC) is established in accordance with the Alternative Academic Council Regulation of the Government of Alberta’s Post-Secondary Learning Act. The Regulation gives Academic Council (called GFC at Mount Royal) authority over the institution’s academic affairs, subject to the approval of the Board, and as such is the senior academic decision- and policy-making body of Mount Royal. The GFC may make recommendations to the Board of Governors on several other issues.

Specific powers of the General Faculties Council (GFC) include approval of the granting of diplomas and degrees (other than honourary degrees), approval of the Academic Plan, academic programs, academic policies, academic awards, and the Calendar.

The GFC consists of:

  • 48 elected representatives of full-time faculty
  • 3 elected representatives of contract and limited-term faculty
  • 10 elected representative of the students (8 voting)
  • 13 ex officio members.

The Chair of GFC is the President, and an elected Speaker runs the GFC meetings. The GFC normally meets on the third Thursday of each month from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. from September to May.

The GFC functions through a standing committee structure consisting of 8 committees that carry out much of the detailed work and recommend actions that the GFC should take.

The Secretariat Office is responsible for the meetings of the GFC, the election of its members, the coordination of GFC committees and for providing the University with assistance on academic policy and governance.

GFC Meeting Schedule with Agenda and Minutes

Aug. 31, 20179:00 a.m.Jenkins TheatrePDFPDF
Sept. 21, 20174:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatrePDFPDF
Oct. 19, 20174:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatrePDFPDF
Nov. 16, 20174:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatrePDFPDF
Dec. 14, 20174:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatrePDFPDF
Jan. 18, 20184:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatrePDF
Feb. 15, 20184:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatrePDF
Mar. 15, 20184:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatrePDFTBD
Apr. 19, 20184:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatrePDFTBD
May 17, 20184:00 p.m.Jenkins TheatreTBDTBD


For prior GFC meeting minutes, see GFC minutes.