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    Get Involved

Whether you are a student, faculty member, emergency professional, or community member, there are many ways to get involved in the work being done at the Centre for Community Disaster Research (CCDR). 


Students are the lifeblood of any research centre, and the CCDR is no different. We strive to be a resource for MRU students to learn more about disaster recovery and resilience, lessons that can propel them into exciting careers in emergency management, non-profit/NGO work, or the private sector. Students advance many of our projects while working as Research Assistants, attend many of our seminars and brown-bag events, take courses, engage in service-learning, and otherwise work to both apply and generate knowledge for the Centre. Students can:

Faculty Members

Faculty Members, either from Mount Royal or other universities, can get involved in the CCDR's work in a variety of ways. Our mandate is to encourage and spark innovative projects undertaken by faculty members, even by those who are new to disaster research. We encourage interested faculty to:

Emergency Management Professionals

From Mount Royal's new certificate program in Disaster Recovery and Emergency Management to the CCDR’s many speakers and events, there is a lot happening at University for applied professionals.

The word “community” in our name means that we want to build bridges that extend beyond the campus, build relationships, and foster discussion that can keep our communities safer during times of crisis. With this goal in mind, we look forward to working with applied professionals in numerous capacities, who are welcome to:

Community Members

The CCDR would not exist without the interest and support of various neighbourhood associations, community groups, generous funders, and other interested individuals. Even if you’re not a student and don’t work in the disaster field, there’s a place for you at the CCDR. Interested community members can: