Although the CCDR is not a degree-granting academic unit at MRU, we facilitate, support, and benefit from a number of courses offered throughout the university. This support includes working with course instructors to host guest speakers, lectures, and panels that connect to course material, offering internships and practicums, and supporting research projects related to disasters where students can work as Research Assistants or in various other capacities that dove-tail with the lessons learned in the classroom.  

Please follow the links below to learn more about available MRU Courses on Disasters, Crises, and Catastrophes:

Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery Extension Certificate
ACCN 5551 – Emergency Nursing - Pathophysiology
ACCN 5553 – Emergency Nursing: Care of the Acutely Ill and Injured - Part A
ACCN 5555 – Emergency Nursing: Care of the Acutely Ill and Injured - Part B
ACCN 5591 – Emergency Nursing - Clinical I
AJUS 3309/CRJS 3009 – Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution Strategies
BIOL 3216 – Human Adaptation to Environmental Stress
COMM 4860 – Issues Management, Risk and Crisis Communication
GEOG 3445 – Global Environmental Issues
GEOL 2153 – Natural Hazards and Disasters
HPED 2872 – Wilderness Survival Techniques (formerly PHED 2410)
SLGY 4411 – Sociology of Disaster