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The Institute for Community Prosperity ensures that students and citizens have access to high impact, immersive learning and undergraduate community-partnered research opportunities that build their confidence and capacity to lead transformative change in their communities. Advancing MRU’s mandate to provide an exceptional undergraduate educational experience, the Institute is committed to supporting students as they unlock their potential, and flourish as learners, changemakers, and human beings.


    Our Mission

We work toward a vision of a borderless campus, where faculty, students and community organizations share in a vibrant learning ecosystem; Where community knowledge, wisdom and experience is integrated with academic problem-based learning and scholarly insight.   We are a place to try out new ideas and approaches, and to foster inspiration for the next generation of social impact leaders as they use 21st-century skills and mindsets to respond to the complex challenges the world, and our communities face.   

Whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, or member of the broader community, let us connect you, and help you move your ideas and insights forward.


Feature Changemaker



Education: Social Work
Current Passion: The Student Changemaker Network! SCN is a SAMRU club and the student network for aspiring/current changemakers – join me on a changemaking journey! Email: scn.mru@gmail.com
Fun Fact: My parents ran a foster home for 25+ years
Quote: “Science fiction precedes reality.”

Q1 – Why Trico Studio:
I’ve always had my sights set on making a social impact, and I’ve found that being a part of the TCS community has been an integral force in making this dream a reality of mine. At its core, it fosters a nurturing community of diverse community partners that I get to connect and consult with regularly – this makes it a reliable place to build, network and share resources regardless of what students major in. As such, joining the TCS community has been an incredible conduit for connecting me to amazing and meaningful work; I wouldn’t have the same opportunities if I didn’t get involved.

Q2 – Daily Motto:
My daily motto is to climb the changemaking ladder to make meaningful change in the world one step at a time! My appetite for social work has been ingrained in my DNA for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a family that cared for children in a foster home; so from a young age, I was exposed to frustrations that were driven by bad decision making, agency management disconnection and feeling like a powerless cog in the system despite how important social work is for community prosperity. It’s important to recognize that the path of a changemaker looks different for everyone – students can easily start their journey by showing up to government-led outreach sessions and interacting with Calgary’s ecosystem. Above all, I think that connecting with people from every industry makes me a well-rounded changemaker versus becoming siloed into an echo chamber.

Q3 – Fuel for Inspiration:
I aim to break through the preconceived notion that individuals don’t have the power to ignite the change they want to see in their communities. We are facing a critical time where there is a lot of apathy and cynicism towards civic engagement – especially as we see a fiery juncture with the decline of journalism and political discourse. The true fuel to my fire is knowing that organizing bodies and demonstrations make a big impact and democratically engage citizens. Showing up, talking about social issues on social media and communicating with stakeholders really do work. I am grateful for people like Bill Gates, Will MacAskill and Jane Jacobs who continue to fuel my inspiration!

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