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About the Institute

The Institute for Community Prosperity ensures that students and citizens have access to high impact, immersive learning and undergraduate community-partnered research opportunities that build their confidence and capacity to lead transformative change in their communities. Advancing MRU’s mandate to provide an exceptional undergraduate educational experience, the Institute is committed to supporting students as they unlock their potential, and flourish as learners, changemakers, and human beings.


    Our Mission

We work toward a vision of a borderless campus, where faculty, students and community organizations share in a vibrant learning ecosystem; Where community knowledge, wisdom and experience is integrated with academic problem-based learning and scholarly insight.   We are a place to try out new ideas and approaches, and to foster inspiration for the next generation of social impact leaders as they use 21st-century skills and mindsets to respond to the complex challenges the world, and our communities face.   

Whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, or member of the broader community, let us connect you, and help you move your ideas and insights forward.


Feature Changemakers


• Education: Finance and marketing
• Current Passion: Financial literacy and generational wealth building in the modern world
• Fun Fact: I’ve never been further than Vancouver
• Quote: “I love working on personal development and exploring my potential. I share my experiences along the way and I find it helps to get the ball rolling for others.”

Q1 – Why Trico Studio:
My passion for the Studio was ignited the first day I stumbled in by accident! Inspiration is everywhere in the studio from thought-provoking meetups, forward-thinking community clients to the creatively fresh architecture – it instantly became my home away from home through its innovative, community feel which is integral to my student experience.

Q2 – Daily Motto:
I see risks as opportunities not obstacles! I believe that transforming your macro goals into a reality requires you to breakdown the micro steps. If you feel like other people are doubting you, keep doing what you do because eventually you will foster a community of people that supports you and sees you as an influential example.

Q3 – Fuel for Inspiration:
Master P is an artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and changemaker who came from circumstances where every odd was against him. He united his humility with the art of storytelling to inspire others to rise up, champion change and define their own fate!

• Education: Finance
• Current Passion: Sustainable greenhouse farming
• Fun Fact: I bake and sew to release stress
• Quote: “I want to help people learn how to be themselves! Our potential to inspire others to grow is best achieved when we have tapped into our best self and full potential.”

Q1 – Why Trico Studio:
The unique vibe of the Studio and the like-minded, welcoming people keep bringing me back! Achieving the bigger picture of my dreams is more possible thanks to the staff who are eager to connect me with campus programs, resources and insight that helps me explore and grow my ideas.

Q2 – Daily Motto:
Dig into your what your passions are! If you’re passionate about something, you will have more willingness to grow in that area; you will only go as far as you want to, so find opportunities to network with people who do what you aspire to do! Even if you don’t think you’re growing, you’re always learning and evolving.

Q3 – Fuel for Inspiration:
I’m driven by meeting new people often. The more people I meet, the more I learn and grow; the more connections I have, the more they help me do more. Also, I explore my artistic side through cooking and baking where I discover how to tailor my recipes to meet the preferences of different people – this allows me to see how I can make my ideas more relatable to diverse groups of people.

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