Volunteer now!

Whether you are a student, staff, or faculty, if you’re interested in volunteering for New Student Orientation, we are looking for you!

header_nsoLeave your mark. Be a student leader. 
As a Student Leader you will be part of a highly functional team dedicated to the student success of incoming students. This is great opportunity for you to refine your leadership skills and meet other fantastic senior students.

“The training was really good. I learned more things about resources that the students could use to be successful in their studies.” 

"...knowing you have people around to support you could really help you get through the challenges in university. Also, knowing yourself personally could help you to know what are your strengths and use it to your advantage.”

"Being a NSO Student Leader gave me the opportunity to not only make tons of new friends, but also to get to better know MRU thanks to the training provided. It gave me the skills to be a great leader and the opportunity to be part of something bigger, the MRU community. Volunteering for NSO definitely made me love MRU even more!"

Sign-up here! You must use your mtroyal.ca account to access the sign-up sheet.

Email orientation@mtroyal.ca if you have any questions!

Play your part. Be a staff or faculty volunteer.
Every area on campus has the opportunity to participate in New Student Orientation and is strongly encouraged to be involved to ensure that our new students are well prepared. Without the participation of our faculty and staff, New Student Orientation cannot achieve its premier status and create the exceptional learning experiences for a world of possibilities that Mount Royal University is known for.