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    First-Year Mentorship

2023-2024 Update

Applications for Mentees and Mentors are open! The First-Year Mentorship program will be operating from October-April in the 2023-2024 academic year. Applications close early October. 

  • Mentor Quote - “I really enjoyed being able to get to know other volunteers at MRU through the training and events with the other mentors. I also enjoyed the community that the program created, especially during in person events.”

New Students

New students in the First-Year Mentorship Program will meet with both Peer Mentors and other first-year students as they transition into their first year of university. New students will also gain valuable skills during monthly meetings that are geared towards first-year students and their success in university. These sessions include topics such as goal setting, campus resources, identifying strengths and maintaining balance.

New Students in the First-Year Mentorship Program will…

  • Build relationships with upper-year MRU Students (Peer Mentors) through direct communication and one-to-one meetings
  • Learn skills that will contribute to success in university
  • Practice setting goals for personal growth and learning
  • Identify strengths and how to apply them to your goals
  • Gain awareness of resources and support services on campus
  • A full description can be found for Oct-Apr 2023 here


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Mentors in the First-Year Mentorship Program work with Orientation and Transition staff to support new students as they transition into their first year of university. Through this program, Mentors will support in the successful integration of new students into the campus community.

Peer Mentors in the First-Year Mentor Program will:

  • Be paired with between 1 to 4 first-year students
  • Build and contribute to a mentoring relationship with their peers in one-to-one discussions, small group meetings, at workshops and at social events
  • Practice active listening, share experiences, foster reflection, assist with goal setting, and provide referrals to campus resources as necessary
  • Receive feedback and guidance from experienced Orientation and Transition staff members who will provide peer support throughout the semester
  • Participate in ongoing reflection and personal development as part of a community of Peer Mentors
  • Work toward MRU Student Leader Badges.

We encourage all mentors to read the mentor volunteer descripton prior to applying



First-Year Mentorship will help new students continue to acclimate to a post-secondary environment, build skills, identify strengths and be more prepared to transition into their second year.

Questions? Email us at orientation@mtroyal.ca


The First-Year Mentorship Program is for any new undergraduate student at Mount Royal University. New students will be matched with a trained upper-year student (mentor) who will help them with their transition through their first-year of university.  Mentors and Mentees will be matched by program or faculty of interest and relevant university goals and experiences.

Key elements of the First-Year Mentorship Program:

  • Build connection through direct communication and one-to-one meetings with a Peer Mentor and fellow mentees
  • Learn about important campus resources and develop skills through workshops designed for first-year students
  • Develop transferable, life-long skills as a Peer Mentor through training opportunities and strength assessments
  • Get to know other students during fun social events and tailored workshops!