Student Learning Services

For Faculty

Faculty and Student Learning Services (SLS) work together for student success in a number of ways. Below you will find tools for raising student awareness of the services available to them in SLS, ideas for encouraging students to take advantage of these services, and information on collaborating with Writing and Learning Strategists. Finally, check out the workshops we facilitate through ADC.

Student Learning Services Year in Review (2016-17)

Build student awareness of our services

  • Cut and paste this blurb into your course outlines.
  • Show this slide in class.
  • On your Blackboard site, include this link to our studying, writing and referencing resources.
  • Request a set of workshop brochures to hand out during class - or call 6452.
  • Recommend the Peer Learning Program - to students who could benefit from working with a Learning Peer and students who would be great Learning Peers.

Encourage uptake

  • Consider offering a small percentage of your course grade (max. 5%) for attendance at a defined number of Studying and Writing Workshops. Students can go on to earn a Certificate of Accomplishment if they attend seven or more of the workshops in the series.

Collaborate with a Writing and Learning Strategist

  • Incorporate Essay-Zone, an interactive online essay writing tutorial, into your courses. For more information, contact Aileen Smyth, the MRU administrator of Essay-Zone, at (6341).
  • Adapt or co-develop customized student handouts or in-class activities you could use to model effective academic skills.
  • Co-create program- or department-specific, up-to-date, user-friendly referencing materials. (Prior projects include NURS APA referencing and formatting guides, a HUMN Chicago referencing guide, and an online APA tutorial with PSYC.)
  • Meet to discuss how students might interpret your assignment instructions or test questions.
  • Discuss how to embed writing or learning strategies into multi-section, core course curriculum.

Workshops for Faculty

  • Solutions to Students' Referencing Challenges: How You Can Help
  • Analyzing Writing Assignments: What Are We Really Asking Students to Do?
  • Essay-Zone - How to Use it with Your Students
  • Developing Confident Academic Writers and Strategic Learning: Using the Passport Program with Your Students
  • APA Refresher: Keeping Current with the Joys of APA

Register through ADC.

Download this one-page summary of SLS faculty support.