Our workshops will start up again in September 2018.

In the meantime, if you need help with any of the topics listed below, feel free to book an appointment with a Writing and Learning Strategist.

All workshops are:

  • free!
  • 50 minutes long
  • held in room EL1451B (in the RLLC)

There is no need to pre-register. Check this space in mid-August for a schedule of dates, times and workshop descriptions.

Studying & Learning

Managing Group Projects NEW!
Time Management
Strategic Textbook Reading
Maximize Your Memory
Studying for Tests
Test-taking Tips

Reading, Writing & Presenting

Powerful Presentations NEW!
Focus and Flow
Refining Your Writing
Planning Research Papers
Reading Academic Sources
Summarizing & Integrating Sources


Paraphrasing, Not Plagiarizing
APA I: The Basics
APA II: Beyond the Basics
MLA Referencing



Need to focus on editing for grammar?

Our revamped editing series includes 4 student-led workshops. Learn from and with your peers!

  • A Run-in with Run-ons - Practice finding and fixing classic sentence errors: run-ons, sentence fragments, and comma splices.
  • Problems with Pronouns - Do your pronouns confuse the reader? Learn to use pronouns correctly for agreement and case.
  • Victory over Verbs - Make sure each verb matches the rest of its sentence and fits the context of the whole paper.
  • The Tiny but Troublesome - Learn to catch errors that make strong papers look sloppy: spelling, apostrophes, and more...

All of these student-led grammar workshops are 50 minutes long.

GNED 1101 and 1103 WorkshopsStudents enrolled in these GNED courses should register for Writing in the Sciences and Citing in the Sciences through Blackboard. Look for "Passport Workshop Signup".