Peer Tutor Program

Peer Tutor Program



Super-charge your study time with MRU’s Peer Tutor program!

All our tutors are students just like you who learned how to master their courses. They know your world and are happy to share tips, tools and other goodies with you, making it that much easier to do well (even in the really hard classes).

The best part - this service is open to any MRU student and is FREE!!


Come to PASS (Peer-Assisted Study Sessions)

PASS offered for:
ACCT 2121 | ACCT 3224 | FNCE 3227 | MATH 1200 | PSYC 2211

Review, study, and practice course material with classmates and a PASS Leader. Go through theories, equations, concepts and more so that you are ready for exams, assignments and anything else instructors send your way.

Why should you go if you think you already get it?
Students who go to PASS generally get better grades; you can learn more than twice as much studying in a facilitated group than you would alone.

Take a peek at what PASS is all about and then come try it for yourself!

FREE 1-hour sessions start in January.
Check the schedule for dates, times and locations. 

Attend regularly for best results - your GPA will thank you. 

Get a Peer Tutor

For courses without PASS.

Not in a course with PASS? We’ve got that covered too. Tutors are available for a variety of courses and are ready to help you soak up all the material covered in your class.  Tutors are the best kind of study-buddies, offering friendly support, encouragement and a wealth of subject-specific knowledge.

The request a tutor form for winter 2017 is now closed. Mark your calendar for September 7th - the first day to request a tutor for fall 2017.

Looking for help this semester? Be sure to take advantage of subject specific help rooms and professor office hours. Consider setting up your own study group or try out our study skill workshops and appointments with Writing and Learning Strategists.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a tutor?

What it takes:
  • B+ or better course grade (final mark or mid-term mark if you are currently in the course)
  • Solid understanding of the material
  • Desire to share what you know with others

If this is you, fill out a Peer Tutor Application (must be logged in with your email account). You can apply to tutor any course except ENGL, COMM, or GNED.  

Highly requested subjects: ACCT | BIOL | CHEM | ECON | HPED | MATH | MGMT | PHYS | PSYC

The perks: work right here on campus and set your own session times, gain leadership experience, internationally certified training, and a chance to build a wealth of skills that look great on any résumé.

Watch this video to find out why our tutors love their job.

Music credit: Song title: Little Idea.

More information available on the Peer Tutor Application (be sure to log in with your account first).

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