Admission requirements & costs

General admission requirements

You must meet the general admission requirements for Mount Royal programs. Although the Admissions and Recruitment Office will determine which admission category, or standing, you will be in, you can check out the admission category definitions.

Program-specific admission requirements

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements, admission into the Bachelor of Business Administration requires the following academic course equivalencies and minimum grades.

All admission categories

  • English Language Arts 30-1 — 60% or higher
  • Mathematics 30 - 1 or 30 - 2 — 60% or higher

or successsful completion of a two-year business diploma, applied degree or four-year business baccalaureate from an accredited post-secondary institution.

Although Conditional Admission may be granted in advance of receipt of final/official transcripts, confirmation of the achievement of specified minimum grades will take place after all final/official transcripts have been received by Mount Royal.

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Minimum overall average required for final admission

Fall 2014

To be eligible for admission on the basis of High School, applicants must present a minimum admission average of 65% on their five appropriate Grade 12 subjects.

To be eligible for admission on the basis of Post-secondary, applicants must present a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0 on their 8 most recently completed post-secondary courses (minimum 24 credits) by June 30.

Aboriginal Student Admission

Each year three percent of the seats in the Bachelor of Business Administration program will be reserved for Aboriginal applicants through an Aboriginal admission target. To be considered for admission under the Aboriginal admission target, the applicant must:

  1. self-identify as an Aboriginal applicant on the Application for Admission
  2. meet the definition of an Aboriginal Applicant
  3. meet the minimum admission requirements as indicated in the general admission requirements for Mount Royal University as well as any program level admission requirements

Designated seats for this special consideration target will be filled by Aboriginal applicants on a competitive basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply during Early Admission October 1 – February 1. Any unfilled designated seats will be released on June 1 to students applying under the general admission requirements.

Money Matters

Of course costs are influenced by your circumstances — program choice, living at home, living in Residence, etc. Try our budget calculator to get an estimate of your costs.

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