Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is designed to prepare students for success in the commercial, nonprofit and public sectors of the Canadian and global economy, while engaging in their communities.

Rather than giving you a highly theoretical “big business” degree, Mount Royal’s distinctive four-year program features experiential learning in the classroom and co-operative work experience opportunities. Once you graduate with a BBA, you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running and make your mark in the business world.

You will have the opportunity to specialize in one of four majors listed below. The General Management major allows you to focus in other fields of business as a concentration or minor. You may also use the General Management major to pursue minors in areas of study offered outside of the Bissett School of Business. 

Major choices

You can choose from the following majors:

Minor choices offered by the Bissett School of Business

Why Mount Royal University?

Experiential learning — Classes focus on the practical application of business concepts. You’ll also have the option of completing three semesters of co-op work experience.

Entrepreneurial spirit — The BBA is designed to prepare students to be successful in the commercial, nonprofit and public sectors of both the Canadian and the global economy, while being engaged in their communities.

Focus on small- and medium-sized enterprise — While many commerce degrees focus on the large corporate sector, the Bissett BBA gives you insight into the exciting world of the small- and medium-sized enterprise, which currently generates more than 80% of new jobs in Canada.

Practical skills — Get everything you need to take the lead in business plan development, strategic analysis and management processes.

Well-rounded education — The General Education (Gen Ed) requirement built into Mount Royal's bachelor's degrees ensures you graduate with valuable insight into a wide range of ideas and academic disciplines extending beyond your area of study.