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Science & Technical Students: Why Innovation and Entrepreneurship?


Calgary’s technology sector is thriving. Calgary Economic Development reports that the city has seen a 55% increase in private technology companies in the past four years. Not only are we seeing an increase in the number of companies, but also, many startups are moving into a stage of rapid growth. The growth of size and scope of our technology sector demands technical talent who are prepared for employment in the new economy.

These innovative companies need more than technical skill sets; they need high-impact talent who are equipped with the entrepreneurial mindset and curiosity necessary to take their organizations to the next level.


The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship works closely with the department of Math and Computing to provide opportunities for Mount Royal's brightest technical students develop into the talent Calgary’s technology sector is hungry for. While we have supported exciting technology startups such as GNS3, TikTiks, TLink Golf, and Bridgewater Labs, our mission is simply to graduate the most innovative and entrepreneurial talent in Canada. The computing students we support are given the opportunity to go above and beyond their coursework, diving into projects, founding companies, and tackling society’s toughest challenges. They are the graduates that Calgary needs.

Looking to get involved?

Computing Showcase Showdown

Success Stories



Computing Showcase Showdown

The Showcase Showdown is a demo day designed to inspire and celebrate the ideas and creations of Mount Royal's makers and builder from the Computer Information System Program.

Whether you are developing an app, a game, a robot, or perhaps something entirely new, the Showcase Showdown is a fun way to showoff your work to fellow students, Mount Royal faculty and the Calgary Tech community. Not only could you win some epic prizes for what you have developed, this event will also be an opportunity to build your profile and network among Calgary's Tech industry.


Who is this competition for?

This competition is ideally suited if any of the following apply:

  • You have started building something COOL! This might be a project from a class or something you have been working on in your free time.
  • You are excited about receiving guidance and mentorship from community experts, fellow MRU peers, and the Institute team
  • You are interested in investigating the problem your projects solves and accelerating your learning experience.
  • You could use a bit of early-stage funding to remove some of the barriers of taking your project to the next stage; however, you understand that money is only beneficial with a plan and understanding of your next steps

Eligibility Criteria

  • We are currently updating the 2020 Computing Showcase Showdown Eligibility Criteria

How To Apply

We are currently updating the 2020 Computing Showcase Showdown Application Process

2019 Prizes awarded:

    Most Promising Idea - $1,500

    Most Exciting Build - $1,500

    People's Choice - $500

    Judge's Choice - $500

2019 Finalists

    Phonetic Translator - Coulton Fraser

    IoT Reeal-Time Hardware Control - Hamid Hemani

    MRU Class Monitor - Terrence Plunkett

    This or That - Brett Miller, David Contreras, Raj Dutta

    Coin-Remmit - Giohanny Moros, Mike Walker, Erl John

    Mentor-ship Community - Brandon Chan, Leris Arandia, Jamie Wong, Peter Morrison

    STEMgem - Roli Edema-Omatseye 



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Stories of Success


After learning that a robot was up for grabs, Computer Information System students Carille Mendoza and Michaela Day put their heads together to determine what idea they could come up with that would put their name on the grand prize during the 2014 Showcase Showdown. Little did Carille and Michaela know that the idea they would come up with during their bus ride home would not only land them that robot, but would take them on a whirlwind adventure over the next two years. The duo

went on to validate their idea inside Mount Royal University's LaunchPad Accelerator course, a self-directed opportunity for students to roll up their sleeves and apply the Lean Startup method to their venture inside a non-traditional classroom. Carille and Michaela then faced one of their greatest fears, public speaking, while they pitched their venture, Little Blue Cloud, in front a panel of experienced judges and a supportive audience. Needless to say, they blew the audience away. Their hard work, vision, genuine personalities, and of course, their tech background, landed them $7,500 in cash and services to continue to build their web-based venture. Both Carille and Michaela have landed sweet developer roles with ATB Financial and Carille gets to work on Little Blue Cloud as part of an Innovation Project within her role.



On November 9 2015, five Computer Information Systems Students presented their ventures during the second annual Showcase Showdown to a panel of judges and an excited 30 person audience for a chance to win a raspberry-pi. Jacob Wessa took First Place for his game, Steelbacks. The judges were impressed by Jacob’s vision for a multi-player game, where each person on the team played a different role inside of a military tank. During the Showcase Showdown, Jacob guided the judges and the audience through each players role and his exciting vision for future possibilities.


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