Economics of social change is a 5-part workshop series designed for people that are curious on how to apply an economic lens to social issues. The workshops are an economically accessible informal learning series for people passionate about community. Participants come from many vocations and backgrounds, and learn to develop an understanding of the connections between the local economy, community development and social change. Areas of interest include food security, affordable housing and local job creation.

"As a growing entrepreneur, the five course program highlighted how easy it can be to shift my thinking on how to do business differently. The principles I learned from the various experts were vast, the value of sustainable partnerships, various business models and the connections I made with other like-minded Calgarians was awesome!" Tyson Bankert, Founder of Recess Calgary 

The 5 workshops take place once per month starting in October. Each workshop is hosted virtually for 1½ hours and is facilitated by unique industry leaders. Workshops can be taken independently or completed in full to earn a certificate of completion.