Our 2023 Annual Impact Report Launched!

As we reflect on the events of 2023, one word encapsulates the essence of our journey: transformation.


The Age of Rage: 2023 Environmental Scan

Author: James Stauch (2023)

Commissioned by the Calgary Foundation, this seventh annual scan looks at a wide range of contemporary and emerging issues, locally, provincially, nationally, and beyond, adding context to current events, and illuminating undercurrents and ‘sleeper’ trends.


On the wings of change: Carrying Wishes from the Community


Megan Davidson, a MRU Criminal Justice student and 2022-2023 Catamount Fellow, shares her experience conveying a community's wishes on canvas.

May 10, 2023


Blog Post: “Being an emerging changemaker is an ever-changing path of self-discovery”: Catamount Fellow reflects on her time with the fellowship.


Salomé Faria Blanco, a MRU Psychology student and 2022-2023 Catamount Fellow, reflects on her experiences in the fellowship.

April 19, 2023