Meet the 2022 Catamount Fellows!


Catamount Fellows research a complex, systemic issue affecting the community in collaboration with a community partner and faculty mentor. Each Catamount Fellow has been working on a set of scholarly and creative works to capture their learning, and you can check out their creative works below:


How might funding agencies and service providers collaborate towards greater outcomes within Calgary's emergency food system?


Catamount Fellow: Alex Li, Policy Studies

Community Partner: Jaclyn Silbernagel, Vibrant Communities Calgary 

Faculty Mentor: Heather Nelson, General Education


Creative Work: A Systems Modeling Playset [pdf]


How might we co-create watershed conservation action plans in the pursuit of a water secure future?


Catamount Fellow: Antony Tabaniag, Social Innovation

Community Partner: Jennifer Makar, City of Calgary

Faculty Mentor: Adam Cave, International Business and Supply Chain Management


Creative Work: A Moment in Silence [pdf]

How might we create inclusive peer support programming for people impacted by domestic abuse that recognizes and honours gender as a spectrum?


Catamount Fellow: Ashton Turcotte, Sociology

Community Partner: Lian Tolentino, Sagesse

Faculty Mentor: Milena Radzikowska, Information Design


Creative Work: Podcast Episode: Honouring Gender on a Spectrum [audio file]

Podcast Shownotes [pdf]


How might we create safe and inclusive spaces for communities at risk to be involved in eco-action?


Catamount Fellow: Baneen Al-Sachit, General Science

Community Partner: Jaclyn Angotti and Vanessa Bilan, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)

Faculty Mentor: Ranjan Datta, Humanities


Creative Work: A Story About Fighting Environmental Racism: Baneen's Community Court [pdf] 

How might we adapt and evolve healthcare education to meet the mental health crisis facing today's youth?


Catamount Fellow: Brooke Venne, Physical Literacy

Community Partner: Heather McCormick, Mosaic Primary Care Network

Faculty Mentor: Madison Snell, Information Design


Creative Work: Brochure - How to Transform Healthcare for Today's Youth [pdf]

How might we broaden awareness of the social, economic and environmental benefits of regenerative agriculture for a sustainable future?


Catamount Fellow: Brynn Lacey, Information Design

Community Partner: Rod Olson, YYC Growers

Faculty Mentor: Amanda Williams, Communications


Creative Work: Our one and only home [video]

Artistic Statement [pdf description]


How might we value "inner" work (mind, body, spirit, emotion) as much as "outer" work (completed projects, sales, deliverables, measurables, etc.) in our organizations and personal lives to help foster an economy of prosperity and abundance?


Catamount Fellow: Kelaena Maude, Social Innovation

Community Partner: Sebastien Rioux, NEWO

Faculty Mentor: Brian Nichols, Philosophy


Creative Work: Balance [image coming soon]

Artistic Statement [pdf]

How might we create space for grassroots, community-led approaches in Calgary’s larger systems of care?


Catamount Fellow: Megan Davidson, Criminal Justice

Community Partner: Susan Brooke and Diane Tan, United Way of Calgary and Area

Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Rempel, Nursing


Creative Work: On the wings of change [image]

Artistic Statement [pdf] 



How might we empower black and racialized youth to fuel their desire to shape and influence the future for themselves?


Catamount Fellow: Mofe Adeniran, Journalism & Digital Media

Community Partner: Jeny Mathews-Thusso and Veronica Baker, City of Calgary

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Daroux-Cole, Physical Literacy


Creative Work: Podcast Episode: Democratizing the Future [audio file]

Artistic Statement [pdf]


How might we apply a harm reduction approach to family support programs (housing and caregiver support) with the goal of increasing family wellness and decreasing Children’s Service intervention and apprehensions?


Catamount Fellow: Salomé Faria Blanco, Psychology

Community Partner: Jocelyn Adamo and Ty Conlin, Trellis

Faculty Mentor: Ines Sametband, Psychology


Creative Work: We are Human CoreCore Video [video]

Artistic Statement [pdf]


How might post-secondary education benefit from embracing bicultural and multicultural land-based and experiential learning?


Catamount Fellow: Timothy Curren, Policy Studies

Community Partner: Melissa Roy, Aboriginal Friendship Centre

Faculty Mentor: James Stauch, Institute for Community Prosperity


Creative Work: The Box of conformity [audio]

Artist Statement [pdf description]