2021 Catamount Fellowship for Emerging Changemakers Cohort Deliverables


Catamount Fellows research a complex, systemic issue affecting the community in collaboration with a community partner and faculty mentor. Each Catamount Fellow completed a set of scholarly and creative works to showcase their learning. Check out their finished works below!

How do learning ecosystems support rural communities and the 21st century learner?

Catamount Fellow: Amirah Azmi, Health Sciences

Community Partner: John Taylor, Livingstone Range

Faculty Mentor: AnneMarie Dorland, Marketing & Social Innovation


Full Report: Learning Ecosystems: Improving K-12 Education Through Learner-Centered Pedagogy

Creative Work: Learning Ecosystems: A Visual Reflection [pdf]

Report Discovery Snapshot


How might we improve and foster a diverse, inclusive, and safe community within long-term care organizations that is built on equality for all?

Catamount Fellow: Benin Al-Manaihil, Sociology

Community Partner: Iqbal Ali and Amadea Schweighofer, Brenda Strafford

Faculty Mentor: Ines Sametband, Psychology


Full Report: Understanding and Enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within Continuing Care Organizations

Creative Work: Enhancing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Continuing Care: A menu of options representing emerging initiatives [pdf]

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How might we engage older adults in the community and on campus to enhance lifelong learning and intergenerational learning?

Catamount Fellow: Chichi Odinma, Nursing

Community Partner: Lee Tunstall, Andrea Young, and Barbara Hagen, Silvera for Seniors

Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Rempel, Nursing


Full Report: Enhancing Lifelong Learning and Intergenerational Learning Among Older Adults

Creative Work: Emancipation [video]

Report Discovery Snapshot

How might we utilize partnerships and the Sustainable Development Goals to create transformative change?

Catamount Fellow: Emma Berger, Psychology

Community Partner: Connie Van der Byl, Institute for Environmental Sustainability

Faculty Mentor: Adam Cave, International Business and Supply Chain Management


Full Report: Sharing the Vision: Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals in Post-Secondary Institutions

Creative Work: Making Space [video] 

Report Discovery Snapshot

How might we ensure that Alberta’s public parks are accessible to all?

Catamount Fellow: Kaitlyn Squires, Biology & Geography

Community Partner: Katie Morrison, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)

Faculty Mentor: Kathy Rettie, General Education


Full Report: Paying More for Less: Accessibility and Alberta's Natural Spaces

Creative Work: A Collection of Photographs Taken Through the Seasons of the Fellowship: Kananaskis [pdf]

Report Discovery Snapshot

How might we support accessible Indigenous women & family-centred primary health care with a Virtual Resource Centre (VRC)?

Catamount Fellow: Kaylie LaPierre, Psychology

Community Partner: Gaye Hanson, Whitehorse Aboriginal Women's Centre

Faculty Mentor: Andrea Kennedy, Nursing


Full Report: Indigenous Wellbeing: A Strengths-Based Approach with Virtual Supports 

Creative Work: Representation of Wellbeing Through Beadwork [pdf]

Report Discovery Snapshot


How might Children's Services and the non-profit sector better collaborate in order to improve services for families experiencing homelessness? 

Catamount Fellow: Leanne Lucas, Psychology

Community Partner: Jocelyn Adamo, Trellis

Faculty Mentor: Harpreet Aulakh, Criminal Justice


Full Report: Improving Services to Families Experiencing Homelessness: Understanding how Children's Services and the Non-Profit Sector can Improve Collaboration

Creative Work: The Relationships of Systems [png], Painting Supplement [pdf]

Report Discovery Snapshot

How might we continue to build momentum in our Calgary communities to build and strengthen natural supports?

Catamount Fellow: Michael Kozhukhar, Criminal Justice

Community Partner: Susan Brooke and Heather Hayes, United Way of Calgary & Area

Faculty Mentor: Janet Miller, Student Counselling


Full Report: The Value and Potential of Natural Supports in Calgary Communities

Creative Work: Conversation With Calgarians: The Value and Potential of Natural Supports [audio file]

Report Discovery Snapshot

How might community and industry work together to foster belonging for unhoused Indigenous families?

Catamount Fellow: Roshni McCartney, General Management

Community Partner: Karen Shopland, Brookfield Residential

Faculty Mentor: Rob Platts, Interior Design


Full Report: When a House is Not a Home: Investigating Spiritual Homelessness in Indigenous Populations of Calgary

Creative Work: Brickolage [video], Video Supplement [pdf]

Report Discovery Snapshot