The Institute has been involved in designing, sponsoring or otherwise partnering on a variety of credit based changemaking-focused learning across campus.  Supported through the McConnell Foundation’s RECODE program, the Institute has made significant investments in particular in building the social innovation learning infrastructure at MRU, and in playing a leadership role in social innovation education locally, provincially and nationally. Although “social innovation” has many definitions, it is essentially learning how to tackle social problems in more effective ways. 

Minor in Social Innovation (open to all MRU students)

Available to any student in any degree program on campus, the 6-course Social Innovation Minor is designed to provide graduates with a clear practice to lead, design, and execute high impact, transformative change in our communities.  Note that many of the courses in the Social Innovation Minor are also GNED designated. For more details click here. 

Concentration in Social Innovation (open to BBA students only)

Available to students undertaking a General Management Bachelor of Business Administration, the Concentration in Social Innovation is designed to provide graduates with a clear practice to lead, design, and execute high impact, transformative change in our communities, in tandem with management expertise.  This “BBA for Good” is an ideal path, for example, for those wishing to start or manage social enterprises or non-profit organizations.  For more details click here. 


Community Learning and Sharing

We host practicum placements, provide advice, design-support, community connections, and sponsorship of community-partnered student prizes, events and capstone experiences for courses across campus. 


The Institute for Community Prosperity is also passionate about supporting community service learning (CSL). CSL is different from traditional volunteer work in that its focus is not only on providing a service but also on learning. The focus of CSL is different from co-ops, internships or practica, with an emphasis on providing concrete service to community agencies while developing student skills, self-awareness, professional capabilities, and sense of commitment to society.





The Institute works with the Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension to develop and deliver the following programs for new and experienced community practitioners. Click here to learn more about our social innovation continuing education programs.