The Institute works with the Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension to develop and deliver the following programs for new and experienced community practitioners.

Social Innovation Certificate

Are you involved in creating positive social, economic or environmental change? Do you crave more knowledge, tools, and connections to others who are are also committed to challenging and changing the systems that perpetuate social problems? Whether you come from the public, private or community sector, this course is for you. Gain a foundation in social innovation and systems thinking through an interdisciplinary lens. Drawing on real world examples, learn about the history and potential of social innovation. Actively explore complex local and global issues and tensions that have fuelled the urgent demand for a new approach. Learn about the principles, mindsets, tools and practices required to effect meaningful social and/or environmental change.  

Please note that this program is undergoing a review and will be offered in 2021 in an updated, more intensive Institute-delivered format.

Community Investment Professionals Certificate

The only program of its kind in Canada, this is designed for professionals working for large and medium-sized businesses who have responsibilities for enacting their company's philanthropy, corporate citizenship, community engagement or social responsibility activities.  Using industry-best standards and innovative approaches, it will help you align your company's business goals with the needs, opportunities and aspirations of the communities in which it operates.   This graded program, delivered by professionals with years of experience in community investment, is designed for professionals in the early stages of their career in community investment (i.e. with less than 5 years experience).