Minor in Social Innovation

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The minor in Social Innovation is designed to provide graduates with a clear practice to lead, design, and execute high impact, transformative change in our communities. Empathy, creativity, consent, and courage form the bedrock of the science of social change and can be applied whether graduates envision joining the commercial sector in a values-driven organization, plan to participate in the public or civic sector, develop a new to world social innovation or enterprise that addresses a persistent systemic problem, or engage at the forefront of reconciliation and resurgence in First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities across Canada.

The minor in Social Innovation consists of six courses, two of which are required courses and four of which are chosen from a list of options.

Required courses:

  • SINV 2201 - Introduction to Social Innovation
  • SINV 3203 - Facilitating Social Innovation
  • SINV 5010 - Social Enterprising OR
  • SINV 5405 - Social Innovation Strategy and Action

Three of the following:

  • SINV 2205 - Social Innovation through Historical Case Study
  • SINV 3303 - Storytelling & Systems
  • SINV 3305 - Agents of Social Change
  • SINV 3730 - Special Topics in Social Innovation
  • SINV 4401 - Civic Innovation
  • SINV 4402 - Human Centred Design for Social Impact