Common work-from-home injuries can be prevented

Whether you’re an office worker or a student, working from home is now the norm for many. 

While there are obvious benefits to “WFH,” it also comes with its drawbacks.

As chiropractor Dr. Allison Gross of the MRU Injury & Prevention Clinic points out, a lack of proper ergonomics is one major pitfall. While people have been working from home, there is a large group that plunk it on the kitchen table, and start working.

“If you asked me to describe a situation that would create neck and back pain, I would definitely say this is it,” Gross says.

To start, look at the ergonomics of your workspace. Monitor height, keyboard placement and chair-to-work-surface height all make a difference. In addition, Gross says, people need to move more throughout the day.

“We’re seeing how little most people move at home during the day,” Gross says. “At the office you will often walk to a meeting, or to visit a colleague. Even going for coffee was a five to ten-minute walk. Now it is just steps away.

“Everyone sits in back-to-back meetings online and their head rarely moves.”

Additionally, few people have home gyms. Without regular access to fitness programs and gyms, people are also getting less exercise, leading to muscle weakness. Add the stress and uncertainty and it’s the perfect combination for doing long-term damage.

“The doctors and therapists at our clinic have all noticed how much more neck and upper back pain we are seeing,” Gross says. “This is definitely the most common work-from-home injury, followed closely by lower back and hip pain.”

Hunching over a laptop creates pressure on the discs and joints of the spine and causes imbalances in the neck. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, muscle sprains and degenerative disc disease are also a risk. Depending on the situation, chiropractic services, physiotherapy, athletic therapy and massage may all assist in recovery.

For more information on how to prevent your own WFH injuries, the MRU Injury & Prevention Clinic is your best place to start. Practitioners at the clinic are trained to not only treat injuries, but also prevent them. If you have new pain or discomfort that wasn’t there before the pandemic, consider looking into the resources at the clinic, before a minor problem becomes a major one.

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